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Read Gooney Bird and the Room Mother online free

Gooney Bird and the Room Mother

Gooney Bird and the Room Mother

Author: Lois Lowry

Category: Humorous

Status: Full

Series: Gooney Bird Greene #2

View: 8989

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Gooney Bird and the Room Mother (Gooney Bird Greene #2)

Gooney Bird Greene likes to be right smack in the middle of everything. That's why she wants to have the lead role of Squanto in her class Thanksgiving pageant. But that role will go to whoever finds someone to be the room mother. All the parents are so busy, no one can bring cupcakes to the play. Gooney Bird Greene to the rescue! She finds a room mother alright, but promises not to tell who it is until the day of the play. Now the kids are really busy getting ready for the show. But will the mystery room mother really show up?

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